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How To Deal With Children That Are Too Obsessed With Being Cool/ Popular.

Being a parent involves a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience. This is especially true if you have children that are growing up quickly. As our children grow older, they can’t help but be conscious on what other people and kids think about them. During this particular phase, our kids find it very important to be called a “cool” kid. Suddenly, your kids are embarrassed whenever you accompany them in school or in other places. They become very concerned of their image. Being popular and being able to fit in are the main reasons why they do this.

Just in case your kid is one of them, be calm and remember that being a kid is really tough. In this article, we will be discussing some helpful tips that will guide you if you notice one day that your kids are becoming too obsessed with being cool.

1. You have to understand that this is normal.

Believe or or not, the best solution for this dilemma is to let our kids be. As an adult you are very aware of the fact that being popular and being cool is not important in life. But you have to understand that your children will think like kids. The same thing can be said when we were children.

It will benefit you and your kid a a lot if you just stay calm and let him be as he deals with this tough part of his life. If you have the money, give your kid what he is desperate for. But of course, it is not advisable that you go beyond your budget just to give your kid the schoolyard credibility he hungers for. For as long as your child does not disrespect you and demand you to buy the things he needs to be popular in school, you should not panic because this is just a normal phase in hiss life.

2. Let them know what really matters.

In the event that your child goes too far and he is starting to lose perspective, help him by simply letting him know the things that really matter. Do not discourage them, do your best to explain to them that their attitude and actions will play an important role when it comes to being accepted and popular. Let them know the importance of being friendly and kind and that it is not our clothes or things that makes us cool/ popular.

3. You have to communicate with your children.

Communicating with our kids can solve most if not all of the problems we have on them. Tell them that they are very fortunate to have a family that feeds them, gives them shelter, and cares for them each and every day. Communicate well with your kid so he ends up a confident and a well-rounded individual.

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